About Boxes - Day 9

Instructions for Box

D'jib box with box and pointed box!
And bocks of haltered box ruffled bock!
And terrible bocking of blocked bocks bitten!
Hear pointed box on bocksed battlements

A plate of box, pointed edgewise with bocks
Garnished, flakes of torpid pine flesh box
Three servings bocks, four cups bottled box
Stir, tear, unfurl until box pert bocks pointy!

Box inside of box inside of bocks inside bockses
A bocks within a box within a bocks of boxes
Print warm label, image a stylized bocks
Within bockses of bockses and tender box

Donny Orders Box
"I said I need bocks," replied Donny to Windowman. Windowman warned Donny, parried the elephantine box mandibles of Donny's boxed madrigals. "Box heap busy. Busy self in bocks heap in back. Back away from box heap back when bocks heap busy!" Windowman, now alarmed, shot back. Donny's face became large, then small. An echo could be heard. No slice the bockses, said a sign. Another danced neon with cascading letters, "D O N O T B O X W I T H T H E B O X E S U N L E S S Y O U A R E A B O C K S E R !" A tornado blew from Windowman's nose, Donny parried. Donny, offended at Windowman's insensitive impersonation of native american speech, called, "A bocks another box can contain, a bocks a container be, a box be contained! Froth while denying box heap, lo, cannot contain box when not box, only bocks can contain box, despite pithy, frothy bocksed roar!"