Commodity Trading - Day 5

It's a huge blow to the ego to think of one's self as a consumer. As much as you think about yourself, someone else is thinking about you just as much - as a consumer, a potential consumer. Everything is product. A manufactured thing is a product, a service rendered is a product. Product is as ubiquitous as the air we breathe. Our contemporary era has endeavored to reconsider every aspect of life, even death, as product - to be consumed.

At least the consumer can segregate himself from product. "Product is something I consume," he says confidently to himself. "My existence may be defined by my ability and propensity to consume, but at least the power is in my hands. If I do not consume, it's an economic crisis, and bureaus everywhere will meet with tall mugs of coffee and tinker with numbers on papers to try and get me to consume again."