Antigone's Records - Day 12

I was flipping through Antigone's records one day. She happened to be in a rather strange mood, and our discourse seemed a bit off kilter. I might say, ambiguous. When I reached a certain point in her alphabetically organized collection, I told her not to worry - that I, unlike most people, very much enjoy pill gas hips. She whipped around and cut into my soul with an angry glare. "What are you saying about my physique?!" - "Your physique?" Confused, I went back to thumbing through her collection, and her attention went elsewhere.

Eventually, I reached a record with which I was not familiar. I picked it out, and seeking to make amends for the unwitting offense I has caused her, I brought it over to Antigone and asked her what it was. "Come, soak" was her reply. "Excuse me?" - "I just told you what it was!" Bewildered, I saw no recourse other than to return the strange record to its rightful place and carry on with our detached activities. However, as I was putting the record back in its place, Antigone asked me, "Look ahead in the collection a ways and you'll see the cane, ill boy!" - "Why would you call me that?!" - "Why would I call you what?" - "Oh... never mind..." I did my very best to ignore what I perceived to be insult, as I could not detect a malevolent tone in Antigone's voice.

Some time passed, and I again became too engrossed in her extensive assemblage to continue pondering our conversation. I began to try and sort out the records I intended to borrow, and one particularly interesting one I must have been holding away from the others enough for Antigone to take notice of my selection. She called to me from across the room, "Oh, is that her, a flank train you're holding?" - "I'm... not sure I heard you right." I, in fact, had heard her with perfect clarity. "Well, that certainly is it. A fine choice."