Misplaced Sock Filament - Day 1

Don't mind us down here at the bottom of the helter skelter, though we've been whipped around as if caught in a nasty eddie who's chosen his medium as air - not water, syrup, pus, or mechanically rendered meate product. We feel our heels grinding the pavement like millstones, but we procure no fine flours for the frenzied seekers, seeking to feed their fury. Instead, we only grind down our heels as we foresee a day when we shall march on our peg legs like sullen pirates futilely searching for treasure buried long ago. One's mind gets to the point where the treasure no longer matters and the long wait begins.

Here be, oh thou foul internetters with your thumping bellies and your robotic eyes, a creation. Pride begets creation, creation begets pride. Failure is the only medicine for the prideful. Here begins a proud creation. This creation, however, can see in the distant future its own death, and it accepts it. Proud for now, but with a mind for doom - somehow the bite of hubris becomes less potent. So let us revel, as we always do, in what is, while it is. Destroykin and Musclecarpe shall be their names. Destroykin on the left panels, Musclecarpe on the right. Watch them as they do, and grow, and change, and die. The quest on this end is one of creation, and it embarks now. The quest on your end is one of absorption. It embarks and disembarks like a hummingbird deciding on a flower. Here is your feeder, gentle hummingbirds. Choose the next yard if you must, but I hope you shall feed well this day.